Saved CustomGPT, callback_url broke

I was doing multiple tests with my actions’ schema et al and was able to successfully call my API with my redirect_uri set to{{PLUGIN_ID}}/oauth/callback.

However, after I saved it, I noticed that my plugin id seemed to have changed in the URL of the editor and chats. The callback url provided did not though.

I started getting a bug where it says “Sign in with…” so I try to, but it immediately spits me out. The redirect from chats is back to the main page. The redirect from the editor is to “”.

I have tried going back and changing that variable with the hardcoded callback url it provides, but I still get the same problem.

I saw a similar post here Custom GPT: Action with OAuth-2 showing wrong button for concent that said to delete the action and recreate it.

This resulted in my callback url becoming

Perhaps this is a bug related to the plugin_id changing?

This problem may be a duplicate of GPT oauth callback URL keeps changing