Recursively summarize text of any length


Thanks that is really cool. I had some thoughts as I was watching and was not sure if I missed something or if these are things you have looked at.

Have you tried feeding the output back in?
Does the output improve much if you spend time cleaning the data first such as the intro and project Gutenberg information?

Thank you for the GitHub repo. I’ll see if I can answer my own questions :slight_smile:

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I compressed Alice in Wonderland down to 55 characters!


Hi, I am completely newbie… trying to run this project since a week but i couldn’t able to… Please somebody post a step by step process to run this program!!! Thank you

What’s your error message? You probably need to create your API key, as that is obfuscated from the repo.

Check out the second video about compressing Alice in Wonderland - the short answer is that yes it works perfectly if you feed it back in.

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