Recreate Web Browser GPT app in API

Hey there!
I want to use AI to extract contact information from a website for my sales agents to call and pitch my products. I used the Web Browser GPT app inside ChatGPT and it worked perfectly fine. The problem is:

  1. I am super limited in terms of usage
  2. I cant really integrate it into my own system since its not an API

I already used stuff like but it did not perform very well. Looks like it just makes a brief search and not really a deep search through the entire webpage.

Is there a setup where i can do deep web search through the openai api? Cause i really need to search through the entire website including subpages.

My prompt is:

Search WEBSITE_URL_HERE and all possible subpages! Extract the best person to pitch products to, or if you cant find a specific person, please extract the best contact information! Deliver the results in this format:

Very short summary about the facility and the person

You would really help me if you can advice me on how to build such a setup

Kind regards

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The API version does not have web browsing capabilities.

You would need to host a listening server, and implement some interface that allows the model to traverse the pages and extract the content that you’re looking for.

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