Do chatGPT 4o Plus API has web browsing access

Hi Community,

Can anybody confirm me if I buy chat GPT4o Plus subscription then via its API can it be possible I can get web browsing results in my API output?

Does it need any setting turned on ?any parameter?property etc.

Please help ASAP =/=.

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You might find this thread useful to get an answer to your question:

In general, you should bear in mind that ChatGPT and the API are different products. ChatGPT inherently comes with browsing capabilities (if enabled), while the API does not. However, you can use search APIs to create the same outcome using the API. The thread above will share a few more details in this regard.



This is not possible with the API.

I am using it combined with web scraping which actually works better than using gpts interface and telling it to go online.

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