Real - world problem solved with ChatGPT (just a success story)

I have used CGPT for many coding projects, debugs, formula creations, etc. (as I am sure most of you have).
Completely unrelated, I have been trying to figure out a real-world irritation in my life; namely that I have a cat who enjoys the backyard, and we typically open the door, let him come and go, and then close it after about an hour. The problem is that about 1 - 2 times a month my wife or I forget to close it. Not good in Texas rainstorms. This has been an issue for me for about a year; bought a cat door (it’s a slider so cat door goes into the slider jam) but. . .nope, cat needs the door opened FOR him (I’m a dog guy, to be clear). If you’re like me, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘get an alarm with a delay’. The problem is I could not find one on the market with a delay that was more than 90 SECONDS, I needed 30+ minutes.
Tied together:
What I said to GPT4 was effectively what I wrote above, plus “BTW I know enough about wiring to not kill myself and am not afraid of the command line, and I am a DYI type of person”.
The outcome of that conversation was this:

Using a nano microcontroller and a reed switch, with a magnet attached to the slider (which interacts with the reed switch when the door is closed), this measures how long the door has been open and sets off the buzzer if the door is open longer than the variable I set (45 minutes).


|Nano micro-controller|$7.30|

|Reed Switch|$0.90|
|5v Buzzer|$0.70|
|Various Wires|$1.00|
|Project cost|$11.71|

Time: 2 -3 hours of working on it, 2 -3 hours of debugging it, 1 hr to rebuild it so that everything was where I wanted it to be once I had proven the concept; 6 hrs.

I installed it last weekend, works like a charm.
Anyway, thought I would share this interesting idea that CGPT4 came up with and it’s real-world outcome.