Read aloud the outputcell in chat GPT

Great language model, but it is a shame that you do not have a read aloud/text to speech fully integrated with api, specially in the outputs. It is so much nice to have a voice behind the text and for visually impaired people is much more comfortable. All the tech is the edge browser, but it does not work “naturally”.

I wonder if you are planning to have speech recognition in the inputs later on the road.
One thing is to have a pen pal, much better is to be able to talk with.


Dear @up302629

There are countless text-to-speech applications available, so you can use the OpenAI API to send text completions to any text-to-speech application and “abracadabra” you have want you want.

Furthermore, if you need ChatGPT and not the OpenAI API, you can wait a bit and OpenAI is planning to release a ChatGPT API and you can then easily integrate that “coming soon” ChatGPT API with any text-to-speech application you desire.


ChatGPT is for the consumer market, secondarily for developers. So it is pretty dumb to suggest to that person to make something using the api


The main “future” market for is apps using the API, developed by developers.

ChatGPT is just a “research beta” in a “media-hype” cycle.

Furthermore, @john14 this community is for developers, in case you did not notice the big letters at the top of this site:

This means that of course most of the discussion here is around software development since this a an OpenAI community for software developers.

Most all of the interesting work is being done by developers.