Reaching the Usage Limit of GPT-4: Considering a Shift to Gemini?

I wanted to share an interesting observation regarding GPT-4 and its usage limits. Today, while using GPT-4, I reached its current usage limit and received a notification suggesting to either continue with the default model or try again later. This raised the question of how we can leverage this situation and explore new possibilities.One option I’m considering is transitioning to Gemini, another advanced language model by OpenAI. I believe this could open up new perspectives and opportunities for creative writing and problem-solving. I’d like to hear the community’s thoughts and experiences on this matter. Has anyone else encountered similar challenges with GPT-4? What are your thoughts on
shifting to Gemini?

First of all, Gemini is not openAi product. Secondly, if you have used chatgpt 4, it will be difficult to switch to Gemini as it lacks many functionalities. There is no image generation or rather poor outputs. The code generation is also not reliable.

Having said that, at the end its your choice.