Are there any plans to make custom gpts available to all?

Having signed up to the plus plan for the benefit of gpt 4 and some finer granular detail in my copy writing requirements, I have also created a gpt. It sucks data from my website based on actions input and reverts it to the user.

However my copywriting requirements aren’t going to be ever ongoing, because it’s cheaper for me to write stuff myself obviously rather than knock out articles from gpt and still have to heavily edit them for SEO reasons. So therefore it’s not appealing that it I cancel my plan, my gpt access ends. So for the sake of paying $20 per month it would be nice to maximise my user base by promoting my gpt

But with given that nobody is likely to spend $20 a month to intendedly access my GPT, what are the chances openai is going to let free users access these tools? With Gemini now available, who knows what Google will release next


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