Re-Educating Scammers! A fair society

Re-Educating Scammers!!


I must admit that I’ve had enough of scammers on the internet for quite a few years now.
Alongside dishonest and greedy corporations, scammers have destroyed the trust of the average internet user, citizen, and, as a result, the trust we have in each other.

For a while now, I’ve been following several YouTubers who are fighting against scammers in various ways, scammers who ruin thousands and thousands of lives every year.
One case that deeply affected me was the story of a 75-year-old woman who lived in a nursing home and was contacted by a scammer from another continent. Through a classic internet scam, the scammer managed to take $70,000 from her. That was all her money.Her retirement savings, with which she paid for the nursing home and the medications she needed. The scammer knew everything. The woman passed away after three days because she couldn’t see a way forward.

The scammers’ opponents on YouTube, in most cases, work by preventing scams, hacking scam call centers that employ hundreds of people and have dozens of computers. They engage in conversations with scammers, provoke them, and thus waste their time.
In most cases.

YouTubers also use voice-changing applications.

For some time now, in video games, especially Skyrim, GPT has been connected and communicates with gamers through NPC interactions.

It is necessary to connect GPT with a speech-to-text and text-to-speech converter, so that AI can converse with scammers.

The application would be given to well-known scammers’ fighters, and they would discreetly set it up behind the phone numbers scammers will call.

In the process of determining the parameters of how AI behaves in conversations with scammers, how it “wastes” their time, it can be trained as an exceptional educational AI.

The vast majority of scammers use pre-prepared scripts. This makes things significantly easier.

The most important thing is for this project to reach the phase where AI communicates with scammers.

To all of you who see yourselves involved in this process and want to contribute, please write, speak up!

If you want me to share two or three YouTube links from scammers’ fighters, so you can see what a serious scourge this is?
Check Jim Browning, you can start with this YouTuber.

Let’s continue building a fair society.