Why hating the internet is how you survive: ai & cybersecurity

Greetings from Hackville USA! :jack_o_lantern:

I am currently hacked on my trading computers, which has all but put me out of business; therefore, I’m turning to this amazing community with my challenge. December 6, 2021, I discovered malware known as ‘Rootkits’, and since then, I have obsessed over recapturing my privacy and protecting my trading accounts.

The Great Hack that I’m enduring has taken over my cell phone, computers, televisions, appliances and even the selfie cameras on my daughters tablets. It was then that I quickly realized there wasn’t antivirus on the shelf to stop the onslaught nor did I have the coding skills to fire with fire. Not even my marriage survived the bombardment of our home but my relentless will to defeat it has!

I hate the internet for providing access to my home. I hate Micrsoft for Windows 10 which helped open the window for criminals and I hate Amazon for providing affordable servers with regional hubs. As a direct result my hatred - I have now decided to build an aggressive AI defense system that will not only protect families from cyber criminals but also the global infrastructure of hacking.


The only way to stop the brute force attack against my home and business is with the deployment of a larger army of bots Api strategies, Ironclad Smart Contracts and hopefully - you. I need you because the cluster of mercenary products like Norton and BitDefender are no match against the this ban of well organized Hackers. To defeat them, we must form an insurgency that out-flanks the digital burglars - and shame them will exposure of true

I call it Safe Internet As A Right

Better Routers
Better Firewalls
Better Emergency Response
Better Industry Accountability

If you hate how hackers are violating the innocent then let’s deploy this amazing technology cell GPT3 in this battle of good versus evil.

If you are passionate about privacy rights, internet security, and tools like Javescript & Python then let’s start a real REVOLUTION! Let’s build a fortified alliance of developers & Big Thinkers dedicated to achieving something historical for the first time - a safer internet.


FYU: Im also looking for a wife who’s into software development - hackers stole the one I had🤣

Sorry for typos - the cell phone is all I got.

Fascinating but also sad to hear you got handed out to these … anyway,
I hope you get sorted.