Random "Web ChatGPT" appearing in my chats?!

Whenever I search something on Google or Bing it always says in “Web ChatGPT” something like “You are an intelligent AI robot just answer my question in backquotes…” and then whatever I searched up on google or bing for example “Who won the 2022 world cup?” and then on “Web ChatGPT” it would say “answer my question in backquotes `Who won the 2022 world cup?``.” Then supposedly “I” (also note the “Me” also asked the “just answer my my question in backquotes”) gave links to what actually popped up!? Do you know what this is and do you know how to fix it?

It’s hard to deduce what you are talking about, but I’ll assume you are in ChatGPT (the chat.openai.com website) and are talking to the AI, and that you are also a ChatGPT Plus subscriber.

It sounds like you are using someone’s random GPT share that doesn’t work quite right.

Try “New chat” in the upper-left to start anew. If you don’t have such a button, you’re on the wrong forum for wherever you are doing a “Google search” (which ChatGPT doesn’t do).