Quickstart setup environment error


I can not setup my environment in therterminal

I type in python3, and it start running then I copy the code from the QuickStart and syntax error: invalid syntax comes up.

Please help

Hey! You follow the steps mentioned here:

I suggest using ChatGPT to debug as you go through if you need help. Please send over a specific error message if you get one.


Thanks the message is :
File “”, line 1
python -m venv openai-env
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Do you have Python working on your computer? Have you ever used it before?

yes but it is some time ago, I have tried to make a print function in the terminal that worked. should I uninstall?

Download and re-install python from python.org then migrate yourself to an IDE like pycharm for coding and things become a lot clearer, if you haven’t already done so

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I would recommend VSCode if you want a free IDE.


Pycharm is great but also the worst, because it is not a file editor, everything is a project.

IDLE from python itself works a treat if you don’t need hints of how to code.

A huge uninstall and cleanup is a good idea first before that “download”, making sure after uninstalls, you have no python directories hanging around and no path or environment variables remaining.

Pursue python 3.10 or 3.11 instead of the latest version.

Pay close attention when you install. You can do a custom install, then install for all users within “more options” to have a system install (windows). Then pip install must be run from an administrator terminal of cmd or Powershell in the future to target that install. This then allows python that can be used like an installed application for file associations.


It looks to me like you’re already in the python environment, but you’re trying to run the shell command “python” to start it. If you’re already at the python command line prompt, you don’t need to run the “python” command to start it.


Good advice, because I presently have 3 python installs, the core OSX read only version, my Macports version for other packages, and then I added to the mix with the latest from python dot org for the free copy of pycharm which admittedly is overly complex.

Everything is working fine in the 3 environments so far, pycharm, macports, and osx - but I can see the potential for things to go south.

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How do i setup the environment in VS code?