Installing open ai / python (flask)

Hello, I am installing open ai using the websites instructions. I clicked on the get started button on the home page, than was taken to the quick start guide.

I have installed python and downloaded zip file.

Now it says

Navigate to project directory and make a copy of example environments.

I try to cd into openai-quickstart-python

It says there is nothing. I am assuming that it is referring to the file called open ai quick start python master. (Which was given during the download from website)

So I cd into this.

Than it says “cp .env.example .env”

When I do this it says “cp” is not recognized as internal or external command, operable program or match file.

I am doing this from command prompt on a windows computer. I am unsure why this isn’t working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

‘cp’ is a Linux/Unix command. The command prompt equivalent (for windows/DOS) is ‘copy’. So you want to type:
copy .env.example .env

You may run into other issues. I don’t know if “.env” is a valid Windows/DOS filename. In Unix it is valid and the leading period makes the file “hidden”.

You may prefer to avoid Linux, but I think the most common practice is to install a virtual machine on your Windows computer and work in that environment. You can also use Cygwin, which makes it easier to do Linux-ish coding on Windows.

Hello, I’m doing the same on Mac OS. I’ve reached the point: cp .env.example .env but there is no .env.example file in the openai-quickstart-python directory. I’m a little confused as I’ve both installed via GitHub and downloaded the zip file to check, but neither have the example. Clearly I’m doing something wrong, although ChatGPT suggested I post here :slight_smile: all help much appreciated

As someone else said, the given command will create a hidden file so you just have to show hidden files.