Questions on user sign up/in on custom GPTs (associated with Actions to an external app/database)

I have several questions on sign up/in when building a custom GPT

  • I know it’s bad idea for security but are we allowed as of today to create custom GPTs asking for users information such as email, password that would allow us through Actions to push those in a Database table of Users in order to create accounts?

  • Is there a way to ‘cleanly’ allow people to sign up via custom GPT Action to an external website?

  • I saw some custom GPTs have a small button 'connect to {website X} but it seems it’s a sign in and not a sign up button , so how do you have first to sign up on the external website then come back to chatgpt on the custom bot and then use this ‘sign in button’?

  • I tried to find but actually could not find any custom GPT with sign in working (all had errors of some sorts when i click the button 'connect to X}: do you know one successful exampleand could share the URL of this custom GPT?

  • If there’s no way to sign in/up today with custom GPTs and Actions, is there at least a way, when the external app/database receive data from GPT through an Action, to uniquely identify a user (as in “differentiate” him from other users) ? maybe with a unique user ID provided by open ai sayoing 'ok user 45465677 has answered this quizz question X with answer Y, so i can write this on our database and map this info to their account (even if i only map it to a user ID and not to a traditional email-based account)

Many thanks for any pointers,

use Authentication Type ( OAuth )
When you want to sign up on Twitter, you will see (sign up with Google)
It is one button. The user must have a Google account
The same applies here
If a person wants to interact with your site using GPT, he must have an account on your site

I never saw one working examples on custom GPTs. Do you know one GPT allowign to sign up via Oauth?