How do you handle auth in GPTs?

Any solution to help with adding Oauth to GPTs to gate the access to content.

Looking for a plug and play solution to achieve oauth with minimal coding if possible

You’re referring to Custom GPT’s I assume right?

Right now the only auth is the one OpenAI has for logging into your ChatGPT account.

If you want to have your own auth, I would recommend building your GPT using the Assistants API:


Maybe this is what you’re looking for?

Pluginlab .ai supports authentication for the ChatGPT Plugins. I think it should work with GPTs as well.

Looking for a way to authenticate the user using my custom GPT, to collect user emails and to get data analytics

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You’d find that possible with the assistants API. Can do everything the assistant does, however API and function calling enable much more. Hope you give it shot and build something. Do share it here if you do :slight_smile:

Yes trying few options will share my learnings here soon if I can figure it out

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You can run an oauth2 server in flask using any popular library

Hey Shawn did you end up finding out how to use auth with GPTs? I’m assuming what you want is a way to let’s see chatGPT prompting the user to give their credentials and use them to keep track of your users.

Found the below open-source project to help setting up authentication in GPT