Questions on Usage Stats on API


OpenAI Platform (the usage stats, with filter by day, etc.) is useful. However:

  1. What does “local time” mean here? Which time-zone is it?
  2. We need an API endpoint to query and to get this data, as multiple users could be using the API and we cannot rely on them to systematically report their usage of the tokens, etc., which will, in turn, affect billing

Any help will be appreciated


The time is UTC time - Greenwich UK time.

The local time is determined by your browser and calculated by web page code.

The usage page connection to returns this type of object in the 5-minute view, which only has UTC epoch time:
“object”: “list”,
“data”: ,
“ft_data”: ,
“dalle_api_data”: ,
“whisper_api_data”: [
“timestamp”: 1699099320,
“model_id”: “whisper-1”,
“num_seconds”: 1000,
“num_requests”: 1,
“user_id”: null,
“organization_id”: “org-123456789”

The usage API the account page employs requires authentication from the web browser session - OpenAI went out of their way to disable API key authentication.

If you “can’t count on them”…then you should be counting your own token usage in and out anyway.

Thank you @_j

I doubt if it is taking my browser’s location.

Anyway, my question is if there is an API query that I can use to get all my usage stats, for a given day or time period

I couldn’t find any in the documentation

it will be nice to have this. How can one request this? (assuming it isn’t currently available as an API query)?


Found answer in an other post

Unfortunately, can’t add links here. I don’t know why :frowning: