Timezone questions: which timezone is used here?

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I can’t see any timezone setting in my API preferences, profile page :frowning: , OpenAI Platform

The more important question is which is the timezone used in the replies from the API:

What is timezone used in created below, for example?

  "id": "<<actual Id hidden>>",
  "object": "chat.completion",
  "created": 1699789391,
  "model": "gpt-4-0613",
  "choices": [
      "index": 0,
      "message": {
        "role": "assistant",
        "content": "<<actual response from assistant>>"
      "finish_reason": "stop"
  "usage": {
    "prompt_tokens": 473,
    "completion_tokens": 115,
    "total_tokens": 588

That is a UNIX time stamp. So UTC. Basically England.

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Technically it’s “UTC minus leap seconds” - UTC includes leap seconds, UNIX timestamps don’t.

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