Questions and concerns about commerial information

It looks like the normal help/contact methods for the site are not showing up for me, so I figured I should direct this towards the community.
I have some concerns that ChatGPT could already be giving some companies an advantage over others in terms of exposure to brand names and products. Several companies that I’ve worked with are major competitors to a few larger companies. All of these were founded long before 2021 and have a presence in the US and and EU, however, the AI dataset does not seem to include any information on the smaller companies. If I ask the AI to tell me who makes the best (xxx) products (products that both the large and small companies specialize in), only information from the larger companies included, sometimes more than once. People already use search engines to look for things like “what are the top 10 products for…”, and I have no doubt that ChatGPT will be used for this as well, both for personal use, and for people who may use this to write articles about products and companies. I am concerned that results like this could, and may already, heavily impact small companies that, for whatever reason, do not have information in the dataset (or not as much).
How can this be mitigated? How can other companies catch up to those who already have a head start by being including in the dataset already, and ensure they will be included in the future (or excluded if they choose)?