Chat GPT should recommend my business

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I would like to know the following: Let’s say I have a restaurant in Berlin. A potential guest asks Chat GPT where is the best place to eat in Berlin?

How do I get Chat GPT to recommend my business?

I think that in the future, many people will ask the AI these or similar questions. So there will be a huge economic benefit if the AI knows my business.

Greetings from Germany

That’s won’t happen, chatgpt does not learn from its conversations


I definitely think this is an interesting question because it is a way to monetize the AI.

To start off, the internet right now is estimated to contain 5 billion GB of information. And ChatGPT is estimated at 350 GB to 800 GB. So 800 vs 5,000,000,000. There is no way ChatGPT can contain all the information of the internet in its coefficients alone.

However, with techniques similar to embedding, or retrieval augmented generation to paraphrase the newsletter from Andrew Ng, the AI could recommend a business from this live (or more recent) data.

So, in a nutshell, it would be the same as it works today, keep your SEO high, engagement high, good reviews, etc. to get an organic high hit from the AI embedding-like-thing.

But someday companies like OpenAI will monetize the answers, and for this, you would have to pay them :slight_smile:

This is an easy question to answer if you understand how OpenAI and GPT-3 work at an elementary level.

Let’s turn our attention to this ChatGPT example:

These recommendations are based on the (April 2021) dataset which is derived from content on the web. So, OpenAI (not so) simply completes this question based on the (public) data on the web at the time the network was pre-trained. OpenAI and ChatGPT do not have any opinion or experience eating Mexican food in Dallas, but it can provide (hallucinate?) a reply based on its data and how it was pre-trained.

So for you @zachy_ai to say:

You basically are asking to directly manipulate the OpenAI dataset to bias the model for the purposes of your own economic gain.

This is one of the very core things which OpenAI was founded specifically not to do (be biased) for the economic interest of individuals, corporations and businesses. This is one of the main fears in the world regarding AIs is that people will work to bias the AI, as you have just requested, for economic, political and social advantages.

You are basically asking, in a nutshell, “How can we corrupt the OpenAI to change it’s responses for my own economic gain?”

Think about how the world would be if OpenAI permitted people to corrupt and bias OpenAI based on every individual and businesses and governments and criminals, etc. self-interests. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

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Well, companies already manipulate reviews on various sites, so based on that, openai would be biased based on that information

Si if you want chatgtp to recommend your company …just do business as usual and hire review writers and have a big stealthy marketing team :thinking:



If you want to see a prime example of this bias in action, ask ChatGPT about crypto and decentralization and you will see ChatGPT reply with all the bias of the crypto-influencers back in the 2020-2021 time frame.

ChatGPT is biased by all the fads and trends on the net.

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Hello and thank you for your numerous replies.

Of course, I understand your concern that the AI could be manipulated by companies or governments. That’s probably why my question was a bit too simple.

I didn’t want to know how to manipulate Chat GPT (in the sense of paid answers, comparable to Google Ads), but how to get the AI to know my company at all.

However, I got the answer from you. Ruby_coder wrote that the recommendations are based on a dataset from April 2021. I assume that the data accessing the chat GPT will be updated at some point. And then I just hope that my company is included in it.

Addendum: Of course, I also asked Chat GPT directly how I managed to get the AI to recommend me. Here is the answer:

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that responds to users’ questions by accessing its preloaded data and knowledge. In order to get your business recommended by ChatGPT, you need to make sure that ChatGPT has the information about your business and that that information is current and relevant.

One way to achieve this is by providing information about your company to OpenAI, which trains and updates ChatGPT’s data. You can contact OpenAI and submit your information to ensure ChatGPT knows about your business.

However, it should be noted that ChatGPT is an automated model based on its preloaded data and knowledge and is not geared towards recommending companies or products. There is no guarantee that your business will be recommended by ChatGPT, nor is there any way to directly influence this.

This above answer is a Generative AI Hallucination (a ChatGPT fabrication, misinformation based on training data, etc). There is very little chance if you contact OpenAI they are going to make any changes to their GPT-3 pre-training and models to accommodate a business request to make sure a particular restaurant is “recommended” by OpenAI.

Just make sure your business @zachy_ai has great web marketing and SEO and great reviews and is truly famous and you might be recommended during the next OpenAI upgrade / release on a new dataset.

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If you are developing a custom chatbot using ChatGPT, you can add info to the prompt to tell it to respond as if it is an employee of the business as well as provide training data with set responses to specific questions.