Quanta: A CMS with ChatGPT capabilities

I’ve just completed adding ChatGPT to the Quanta Web Platform, and wanted to share it with this community.

The platform is an open source cloud-based system for handling hierarchical bodies of text. It breaks up content into smaller chunks similar to how Jupyter Notebooks does.

The app lets users enter questions and get the answers inserted onto the “tree”. All of Quanta is built around a “tree” that people create “nodes” on, and can organize content hierarchically and share with others.

An interesting aspect of the hierarchical design is that when you ask a question at some location on the “tree” all the info at higher levels up the tree are incorporated into the “context” for the question, so you can go back any time and branch off into different conversation threads with the AI starting from any prior “state”.

Quanta: Home Page

Quanta: Chat GPT - User Guide

Note: This is a dev server that will be offline for short intervals often, so if the links don’t work try again after 3 minutes.

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