New Coding Assistant Agent: QuantaAgent

I’ve created a Python + Langchain + Streamlit GUI Agent (for OpenAI API use) which does refactoring on code, and answers questions about code. It reads your project files directly, and modifies them directly.

From Github README:

A tool to automate querying AIs (LLMs) about your codebase, which can also automatically refactor your actual project files, from high level human language instructions of what changes you’d like to make. You can ask the tool anything about your project, ask for any kind of refactoring you’d like to do in your project, or even ask the tool to create entirely new projects all on it’s own.

Project QuantaAgent

It’s a very lightweight project at under 1K loc. I plan to show it to the Langchain team as a possible addition to their stack. It seems that important, and I think I may have done it the simplest way possible, as well. :slight_smile: I thought I’d share it here.


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