Python IDE powered by Codex

Hello guys,

In these days I was just playing with Tkinter and I was trying to code a very simple IDE.
This is the github link of the project: GitHub - yughias/Pyhton-IDE-powered-by-Codex
After I got acces to Codex, I powered my simple IDE with it. You can use Codex to get a single line suggestion or a full function suggestion. To start a Codex Suggestion, you only have to write a python comment in a line and then click to the Codex option (you don’t have to return into a newline). Of course you need to create a file called key.txt with your OpenAI API Key.


Just wanted to say that this is a fantastic idea. This is really the perfect use for a technology like codex. I’ll be watching this project closely.


What do you mean for a “bootstrap” prompt?

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This is very cool project to develop! I followed You on github.
It would be great to further develop the app using Codex. Also, how about the level of functionality which could be seen in the official Codex Python demo – looks like they are using a Python sandbox similar to the JS sandbox. Well, that would be a powerful tool!


If you want to try it, you can just download it from my github.

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