Publishing GPTs with Custom Domain Names as Authors

Challenge with Domain-Specific GPT Author Names in Enterprise Workspace

We’re working on a project within the ChatGPT Enterprise Workspace to develop multiple domain-specific GPTs. Each GPT is designed to operate under its dedicated user account, with each having its own domain verified for identity purposes. The goal is to present each GPT under its unique domain name as the author name because each one have a dedicated websites. Previously, we could publish our GPTs under domains like,, and by disabling the display name, allowing the domain name to stand in as the author.

Current Issues:

  • Publishing Under Domain Names: Recent changes prevent us from using domain names as author names when publishing to the GPT store. The platform now mandates the use of the ChatGPT account’s display name, eliminating the previously available option to disable this feature for domain name usage.

  • Author Name Visibility: For users outside our Enterprise Workspace, GPTs appear authored by “Community Builder” rather than the intended display or domain name. This visibility issue persists despite domain verification and the GPTs being publicly available in the GPT store.

Seeking Solutions:

  • A workaround or method to enable the use of domain names as author names for GPTs published from our Enterprise Workspace.
  • Assurance that the correct author name is visible to all users, regardless of their workspace affiliation.

We appreciate any guidance, suggestions, or insights from the community or support team. Thank you!

Hi and welcome!

We don’t see many Enterprise-class issues here. We can try to help, but you should know this is a community forum and we seldom have actual OpenAI staff around.

As an Enterprise user I believe you have a direct support point-of-contact who may be better suited to addressing your specific issues as their are undoubtedly countless wrinkles associated with being part of an Enterprise workspace which our users will not be experienced with.


Have you reached out to your Enterprise contact at OpenAI regarding this? The reason I ask is that there could well be different requirements for Enterprise that very few members here will have access to.