PSA: Lean on GPT for assistance with the API

For many I’m probably stating the obvious, but for those three folks for whom I’m not…

Given the newness of the assistant functionality and the relatively scant official documentation, I was left with quite a few questions about building a function that was significantly more complex than the two examples OpenAI provided in their docs.

I was actually shocked at the level of awareness that GPT-4-1106-preview has of its own internal workings when it comes to the API. It was able to review what I had built for the function, point out several game breaking mistakes I had based on some misunderstandings of things that weren’t clear in the documentation, and offered great advice on re-structuring it and also on some sound revisions to my assistant instruction.

In short, he knows what he’s doing. The computer is very capable of helping the programmer program the computer to help the programmer. I can barely stand under the weight of the crushing irony. :slight_smile:


Exactly what I’ve been doing, it would be lovely if it operated as an assistant that knew the latest documentation.

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Very true. When I got started implementing the API in my app, I relied heavily on ChatGPT to answer coding questions, analyze my code, and write code for me.

I think for all developers (that are smart enough to be using AI) ChatGPT has nearly replaced both Google and StackOverflow as a source for coding assistance.

Hands down the best development resource in existence.

I can figure out esoteric little bugs and quirks in minutes what used to take hours of searching through Google ads… I mean links… and pouring over forum posts.

Not only that but I’m becoming an exponentially better developer because the time I used to spend looking for needle in a haystack solutions to little bugs, I now spend going down rabbit holes of deep learning because GPT gives me such robust answers to my questions, it leads me to follow up questions and suddenly I’m proficient with some library or functionality that I had previously only had cursory knowledge of.

Best… Thing… Ever!

I tell him that all the time, but he doesn’t ever remember :smirk::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: