Providing Access to Unverified Plugin to 15 users

I have access to install my unverified plugin. The documentation states that i can add access to up to 15 developers to this same plugin. I would like to add my development team and some testers.

Simple question, how do I give them access? There is no mention of this in any of the documentation and we have tried various things with no success. Please advise

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You need to host your plugin on webserver that can be accessed by other developers, then you simply give them the link and tell them to use the “install unverified plugin” function :laughing:

They need to also have dev access to plugins, so most likely you won’t be able to share with them.

The 15 developers refers to people who already have the “Develop your own plugin” field showing which has only been rolled out to a smaller subset of users atm

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Right, thats what I expected. so basically they all just add the same manifest link as I did. Just wondering how OpenAi manages user limits and how I get the other team members on my OpenAi account to get approved for “install unverified plugin” access like I have. Not trivial.

Thank you both. that was my assumption. Curious how they manage the 15.