Proposal of a business model for OpenAI and its plugin developers

Ads are not innately obnoxious, and only intrusive ones are. ChatGPT plugins could deliver completely intrusion-free ads. Then, OpenAI and the plugin developers could split the ad revenue 50/50. Here is how it could work.

  1. ChatGPT should allow the user to change its settings to enable/disable showing ads completely any time.

  2. The user should be able to enable ads from some plugins selectively.

  3. Thanks to its very nature, ChatGPT is able to understand a user’s true intention after multiple prompts. ChatGPT should allow a plugin to deliver the ads only if the user’s intention is clearly enough. By the way, the very fact that a plugin is triggered is already an early indication that the user is interested in the areas the plugin represents.

  4. ChatGPT should allow only a single advertiser for a plugin at a time. When most users disable its ads, either it means the advertiser is not suitable for the plugin, or they have already seen the ads enough. So, it is the time for the advertiser to withdraw.

  5. ChatGPT should not show the ads in the response area and should use the real estate which is currently unused on the desktop browser.

The outcome could be a win-win-win-win situation.

It is fair to the advertisers because they would rather have 20,000 viewers who enable/ask for showing their ads, instead of 20 million viewers who just hate them.

For OpenAI, this would be a sustainable/very lucrative business because there will be millions of plugins in the future. I predict every single web app running on the Internet right now will be ChatGPTized one way or another. That will completely disrupt the entire Internet ad industry.

For developers, it is an obvious win situation.

To our dear beloved users, this is the first time in the entire human history when you choose of your own free will to see or not to see ads while enjoying such a highly valuable service as ChatGPT.