Proposal for a new, affordable subscription

Dear OpenAI Team,

I am writing to suggest an addition to your current subscription offering, a more affordable subscription tier, priced at $5, targeting users who are interested in premium services but are hesitant to commit to the higher price point of the existing Plus subscription.

This tier would offer a quarter of the message limit provided in the Plus subscription.

The primary goal is to serve as an entry point for new users who wish to experience premium services. It’s designed for those who need more than what the free version offers but find the Plus subscription beyond their current requirements or budget.

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Good idea, this would have the double benefit of exposing free users to the new GPT’s in the GPT store, which now are walled off at $20 a month…

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Exactly, this is in fact the initial motivation for my proposal.

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This, this is what i need. i want to subscribe the gpt 4 as i really love free version gpt. but 20$ is just to much for me, i subscribe right away if there is $5 plan