Indie Developer Tier needed

I think I speak for many, there are things that make building with the api and gpts frustrating/impossible.

What would change this for me is an ‘Indie Dev’ tier with:

gpt4 fine-tuning
gpt4 with less restricted fully multi-modal inputs
Enough ChatGpt messsages to build and test gpts
A warning before the ChatGpt cap kicks in

I would happily pay £50-£60 a month, more if it is the full wish-list. Of course there is more we would all like, but that is what would make building tools possible for me.

Access to more ‘raw’ models would be fantastic, happy to sign waivers that it is all in-house research and will never be seen by the public.

Here’s a perfect example: The task I’m working on involves spectrograms and vision. I have been hitting tons of roadblocks, then it occurred to me that you could infer lots of information with the technique I was using. I realised you could probably extract speech and all kinds of other sensitive information (not my goal and ethically unacceptable) so it is absolutely proper that it should be hedgy around this subject in a public facing setting.


A tier in-between Plus and Enterprise would be perfect, I’d pay up to £100 if it meant I can have a conversation more than once every 3 hours. I love the API, but the UI/UX of the app and official interface are just lovely to use.

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Great idea :bulb: I have found the GPT development process hard when you have to test through the UI and then you get locked out for some hours!

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