Problem with making slowing the pace of the voice assistant

“Hello, I’m a user of the AI language model developed by OpenAI. I’ve been using the model to practice consecutive interpretation, but I’ve encountered a problem with the pace of speech during practice sessions. Despite requesting the AI to speak slower, it continues at a fast pace, making it difficult for me to keep up and take notes. This impedes the effectiveness of my practice sessions. I believe that having the ability to control the speaking pace or incorporating pauses between segments would greatly enhance the user experience and improve the effectiveness of practicing interpretation. As a user, I would greatly appreciate it if this feature could be considered for future updates. ”I’m grateful for the assistance provided by the AI in generating this feedback. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.”

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The TTS models have a speed parameter but you have to use the API.


There are plugins for controlling the speed of the voice in ChatGPT. I’m not using any of them myself, but I understand that there are several out there. Other forum members have posted about them.

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