Text-to-Speech: Call for Adjustable Speed

Subject: Feedback on OpenAI’s Text-to-Speech Technology

Dear OpenAI Team,

I would like to share my feedback on OpenAI’s Text-to-Speech technology. I am very satisfied with the versatility and potential of the technology. However, I would greatly appreciate it if future versions or updates could include a feature to adjust the speaking speed of the artificial voice.

An additional option to adjust the speaking speed would be extremely helpful, enabling a more personalized use of the Text-to-Speech technology. This would enhance the user experience and allow users to tailor the speech speed to their preferences.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts in improving OpenAI’s technology. I hope that my suggestion can be considered in future updates.

Best regards,

[R. Mol]

Since this reply was bumped by mod rearrangement, it also can be closed. The API has a speed option parameter, that while it is not high-quality, likely relying on slicing technology like other software-based pitch shifting techniques, does exist.

number - Optional
Defaults to 1

The speed of the generated audio. Select a value from 0.25 to 4.0. 1.0 is the default.