Problem developing plugin。FatalServerError: Error in message stream

I’m having a problem developing my plugin. Every time the request is sent back, the GPT window always displays an error. The following is the specific error message

There was an error generating a response

_app-c21e6269359721f3.js:28 FatalServerError: Error in message stream
at onmessage (_app-c21e6269359721f3.js:33:230546)
at _app-c21e6269359721f3.js:33:214593
at _app-c21e6269359721f3.js:33:214423
at tt (_app-c21e6269359721f3.js:33:214150)
at async tb (_app-c21e6269359721f3.js:33:216168)

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Can you provide what libraries you are using and what the API calling code looks like, that seems to be a java streaming error in the onmessage function.

This is a plug-in developed by myself. I hosted it on a server, but it seems that the plug-in is not very stable. Sometimes the GPT chat interface will have an error and will not send a request to my server.

Enter this error in the background of the browser

Are you using WebSocket, or similar technology?
Apparently, somehow you are not receiving the entire message in its format.
You could try breakpoints in your code to determine the point where reception fails.

Hey, I have a similar error with my plugin. I included the steps to reproduce.
Can you take a look at this please?

You can check your http connection status. The reason for this problem is that the status of the ssl certificate is sometimes unstable and the connection fails.

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Hey, thanks for the reply.

I solved my issue just now with a different fix.

Seems like FatalServerError it the general error message from ChatGPT for all server errors :sweat_smile: