Privacy terms when using "Browse with Bing"

Hi all!

Would anybody know which terms of use, especially in regards to data privacy, are being applied when using “Browse with Bing” option with GPT-4 inside ChatGPT? Are the OpenAI’s policies respected (eg. no sharing when history is turned off) or are Bing’s terms that prevail?

According to “Bing Conversational Experiences and Image Creator Terms” Bing will take any inputs and canr further use them and also share with 3rd parties.

Apperciate your thoughts.


You’d need lawyer for their interpretation, mine is that Bing Search will use their terms for the contents of the search term, you are not using the search term for Bing AI, rather Bing Search, my guess is that bing search retains search terms for their own statistical modeling and processing. The contents of the prompt prior and after the search string will not be stored if you have opted out.

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That was also my first though, altogh I wouldn’t exactly know how to clearly distinct the part before and after the search string, since everything is basically a prompt.

Also, my interpretation is that in this case Bing’s conversational terms apply, not the search ones - and according to these “you are granting Microsoft, its affiliated companies and third-party partners permission to use the Captions, Prompts, Creations and related content”.

Well, all I can say is the wording is Browsing with Bing, not Bing AI, that would double up on the computational overhead and seem redundant.

Agree, however the trick is what is “browsing”. Word “search” is not used here and according to some sources “In searching mode you are looking for a specific result, while in browsing mode you are looking for general ideas or multiple answers”. - and this to could be closer to “prompting”.

Lot’s of grey area here. Would be nice to have an official stance on this :slight_smile: