Pricing page "show prices per 1K tokens" is broken

after the last update I noticed that the checkbox in the upper right of the pricing page “Show prices per 1K tokens” switch correctly the prices from 1M tokens to 1K tokens, but there are only 2 visible decimal numbers, so most prices for the older models are shown as “0.00 USD”.

Is this a problem for everyone or it does happens only on some browser/locale combination?


Some models are indeed an even $0.01 per 1k token…

The same section for me, I see all “0.00”

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I just tried Chromium from November 7, 2022. Still works.

If you can provide OS, localization, browser version, steps to replicate, even inspection of the styles placed on the HTML elements, that would likely be helpful to the developers.

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OS: Windows 10 Pro 22H2
Locale: it-IT
Browser: Google Chrome 125.0.6422.61
Steps to replicate: open that page and click on “Show prices per 1K tokens” checkbox.
Styles applied I don’t know if this is enough or not:

Also in console I see lots of errors like this one:
fd9d1056-7a087c46da621366.js:1 Uncaught Error: Minified React error #422; visit Minified React error #422 – React for the full message or use the non-minified dev environment for full errors and additional helpful warnings.
at fd9d1056-7a087c46da621366.js:1:63866
at lq (fd9d1056-7a087c46da621366.js:1:65217)
at iB (fd9d1056-7a087c46da621366.js:1:120509)
at o4 (fd9d1056-7a087c46da621366.js:1:94660)
at fd9d1056-7a087c46da621366.js:1:94482
at o3 (fd9d1056-7a087c46da621366.js:1:94489)
at n2 (fd9d1056-7a087c46da621366.js:1:37349)
at fd9d1056-7a087c46da621366.js:1:107828
at o7 (fd9d1056-7a087c46da621366.js:1:107836)
at oH (fd9d1056-7a087c46da621366.js:1:92622)

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this reminds me of the recent news where a Mexican guy bought expensive earrings online. the price shown in the website was “237 pesos ($14), instead of the correct price, 237,000 pesos ($14,000)”. he bought two pairs. the jeweler tried to cancel his order. they only relented when he notified the Mexican authorities.

I just checked prices for the newer GPT-4o, and I see completely different prices for 1M/1K.

For 1M, $5.0/15.0:

For 1K, $0.01/0.02:

One of the two has to be wrong.

One of the two is correct but rounded-off.

round(0.005, 2) = 0.01

The 1k display is not switching the number of digits on certain browser platforms or environments.