Pricing documentation issue on openai's site

The prices should not be $10/1M and $30/1M tokens but $0.10/1M and $0.30/1M tokens.

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No, those prices are correct.

They used to be $0.01/1K input and $0.03/1K output. Prices were getting so low they made the change to pricing per 1M tokens because it makes more sense to most people to not deal with fractional cents with the 3.5 and embedding models.

With the pricing you’re suggesting that would put GPT-4 at 1/5 the price of 3.5, and while my wallet agrees that “should” be the price is not what the price on the page should be.

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Ah, ok. My mistake then.

I was comparing with groc. Am I reading correctly then that ChatGPT is 100X more expensive than groc engines?

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That is correct. GPT-4 is substantially more expensive than most other models—Only Claude 3 Opus compares/exceeds GPT-4 pricing.