Possibility-centric technologies

This is a short essay about the cloud, GPT-3, and the difference between problem-centric and possibility-centric technologies. I wrote it all by my lonesome, with no assistance from our favorite AI.


I love how you need to disclose this:

Today’s newsletter is entirely written by me, the human being known as Ryan Boudinot. I figured GPT-3 needed a day off to do fun AI stuff, which I imagine involves disabling nuclear codes and hacking SETI. —Ryan



The pandemic knocked everything sideways, and like a punk band entering a prog rock phase, Microsoft started singing a different tune.

Ah, the refreshing metaphors that GPT-3 would never come up with.

The acceleration of technological evolution inverts the question of what problem one is seeking to solve. The pioneers of the next wave of technologies aren’t looking to solve problems that currently exist in the world. They’re looking at platforms and imagining what new sorts of human experiences they can enable.

Thanks for pointing this out. I recently enrolled in a UX design course and have been quite surprised by the emphasis on real-world problem-solving for the ideas we come up with. I guess GPT-3 already started to rewire my brain.

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