PolitePost.net - Rewrite your emails so they are professional

I created a website that turns ranting messages into professional emails for clients or colleagues. It’s free, doesn’t require a login; just paste your text and see the results. This was a good use case for me just in the playgound, and it just became a useful tip.

Link: https://PolitePost.net/

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Nice! Thanks for sharing. Do you plan on keeping it free?

I am absolutely trying to and that is my hope. Generous folk have bought coffee for me to cover expenses and I’m prepared to take some losses as well. But those GPT costs really do sneak up on you sometimes.

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I hear you! I’ve tried to keep my prices low. I might try freemium again in in 2023. We shall see.

Good luck with your project!

Thanks! It’s tough because GPT is one of those see it to believe it type of things. So many people can’t comprehend just how good it can be. Put it behind a strong paywall, you’re not gonna get anything from them. I’m lucky that I’m just playing around with all this, but for those trying to make a business, those are some steep fees to work with.

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