Policy Synth SDK Examples

I wanted to share with you our open source project: Policy Synth, a toolbox and an SDK that aims to help governments and citizens make better decisions together by integrating collective and artificial intelligence.

We just added some SDK examples including an example Live Web Research Chatbot with 300 lines of code for the web app and 250 lines of code for the ExpressJS API with websockets.

The SDK web research example generates a set of search queries. We then select a portion of these queries to fetch data and a subsequent portion to analyze the content of the pages we’ve found. For re-ranking we use a pairwise ELO ranking algorithm built into the SDK.

Check out the Policy Synth SDK example code here: policy-synth/examples/liveResearch at main · CitizensFoundation/policy-synth · GitHub

ps. Policy Synth is already having an impact: https://www.fastcompany.com/91001497/ai-faith-in-democracy