Actions and files, both out and in

Any idea about if it is in the roadmap, at some time, the support of files in the actions? Ideally if an action returns a file type, then it should be downloaded either to /mnt/data or to /home/sandbox. It would be a plus if downloaded files could be forwarded for image interpretation, for summarisation or even for indexation, for RAG retrieval later. But happy enough if they can be just downloaded and allow python to play with.

Similarly, an action sending a file should be able to incorporate it as multipart, if it is available in /mnt/data and or /home/sandbox.

Both operations, download and upload, are available to the user via the chat interface, so it seems that they could be extended to actions.


From the developer point of view, I think that it does not need extra options anywhere, just support of filetypes in the API schema.