How to send image to GPT Action and send image from Action to user

Say I want to allow user to upload image to ChatGPT and then ask to send the image to the GPT Action service, is that possible?

Say I want another user to be able to ask for the image uploaded to the action service, is that possible?


Don’t want this thread to die silently, any one has figured it out?

No, it’s not possible. The size of any meaningful image would blow out the maximum request size for Actions.

Can I send only the image URL of user upload to the Action?

Currently just to observe the workability of the system, i am working with URL’s , so i prompt the user to give me an image url, its a useless hack, but i am hoping it would get solved in eventuall releases, as Assistant API does give u files uploaded to it


If the url of the uploaded image can be sent to the actions, this will make lots of applications. I’m waiting for it.

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How are such gpts implemeted, the Logseq OCR extracts text from the uploaded images.

Hi, I have created a custom GCP function to upload the image to some 3rd party server and then send the URL of that image as the response. It works quite well. The image will be displayed in the chat not as a link.

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Hello, futureofworkchannel, could you please explain how have you achieved this?
Does your custom GPT automatically uploads an image to some 3rd party server, right?
Could you please explain more details.
I am actually interested in how could I make GPT to share DALLE generated images with my server via Actions or any other working way. Thanks!

I think my usecase i different as in my case an API is generating base64 formated image. The issue is that OpenAI doesn’t recognise the format and start analizing it as text (that’s very bad design by OpenAI). The work around was a intermediate server that will take the image save, upload it to third party hosting and return URL. But i doubt that you can take Dalle image and upload it or take it as input for the API. To do that ypu would need to build something on the top of the browser or webpage. But you can also use OpenAI API to generate images.

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once these GPTs can pull images from URLs … you are golden! good luck!

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