Plugin that retrieves sensitive personal information

Hello! I am developing a plugin that retrieves sensitive personal information and provides access to ChatGPT for analysis. (Think emails, etc…)

What guarantees am I able to get around privacy here? Is there an option for a plugin developer to force the “Don’t save my chat history” privacy setting?


There’s no option like that, as far as I am aware. If it’s a plugin the content of the email, if it’s known to ChatGPT, would be retained by OpenAI, unless the user opens the incognito mode.

However, I think that once the incognito mode is present, you will be all right - if the user wants to get the privacy, they’ll have an option to do that. If they don’t use it, apparently they don’t need that in the given case.

@rohan8 this sounds like a bad idea. This is exactly the kind of use case that can get you and OpenAI bad press. If you want to handle private info, you should do so via the API, which is private.

Interesting - are you opposed to the zapier plugin which allows you to plug into gmail?

You can develop a data de-identification process before passing the info back to chatgpt

What did you want me to do for you :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: