Plugin Store Manifest and Spec Files now in Github

I collected the manifest and spec files and put them into Github. I also included a table with all the current names and descriptions. Hopefully this will be useful.


Would be nice if the OpenAI examples in the list, e.g.

  • Todo (ref)
  • Sports Stats (ref)
  • OAuth todo list (ref)
  • Semantic search and retrieval (ref)

Thanks @shane.isbell .
Would be nice if we can include unverified plugins as well :grinning:
eg. those on OpenAI 's discord channel Discord


Might be good to include a link to the GitHub repo if the plugin is open source.

My Chess plugin is here: GitHub - atomic14/ChessGPT: A Simple Plugin For ChatGPT to help it play chess


A few weeks ago I started a similar list in a limited group category,

Here are some excerpts that might be of value to your listing.

You should include something like

Updated: 05/07/2023

Other list of ChatGPT plugins

Plugin finder


That sounds like a good idea. I’d like to keep that in a separate github repo. This could be as simple as updating a file with list of domains and then it does the rest, updating the repo through Github actions. If you have a list of domains and/or if you have time, we could put this together. I already have the program for processing and downloading the manifest/spec file.

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I like this idea a lot. I just wondering how to find out which ones in the plugin store are open-source.

In regards to the updates, I’m planning on just updating the entire list. When it’s checked into the repo, it will show which files have been modified. This should provide a version with deltas. I’ll check out the other links. Thanks!

Please consider adding another column of when the plugin first entered in list (enter date) and if possible sort the list by enter date to the newest ones first.


Thanks for the suggesting. I’m going to start adding a changelog file to the repo for easy reference of listing and delisting of plugins by date.

I did add a changelog. It tells you what was added and what was delisted by day.


awesome, thanks @shane.isbell :smiley:

One nice benefit of GitHub - sisbell/chatgpt-plugin-store: ChatGPT Plugin Store List

Currently need to review many .well-known\ai-plugin.json and openapi.yaml files and really wanted them all collected in one place for downloading. If you did not notice these files are copied into the GitHub repo, they are not links. So can now spend an hour or so to learn from them.



How/where did you get the list of manifest and API defs?

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