Plugin not updating to new configuration

I’ve developed a plugin for ChatGPT that uses a PHP script to interact with an external API. The plugin was initially set up with the PHP script and other files in the /openai_plugin directory on my server. However, I’ve since moved the files to the /.well-known directory to comply with the OpenAI Plugin API requirements.

The problem I’m encountering is that, even after moving the files and updating the URLs in the manifest file and OpenAPI specification, the plugin seems to still be using the old configuration. Specifically, it’s still trying to access the PHP script at the old URL in the /openai_plugin directory, instead of the new URL in the /.well-known directory.

I’ve tried removing and reinstalling the plugin, clearing my browser cache, and restarting my server, but none of these steps have resolved the issue. I’ve also double-checked my configuration files and confirmed that they no longer reference the /openai_plugin directory.

I’m not sure why the plugin is still using the old configuration, and I’m looking for help troubleshooting this issue. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Try changing the name_for_model in the ai-plugin.json. I’ve been appending version numbers to this field and it seems to help with the issue.

Thanks for your suggestion. I gave it a try by appending a version number to the name_for_model, and reinstalling the plugin, however it did not resolve the issue.

If you’re using localhost, you can also try to change the port number. Anything that might bust the cache.