Plugin approved, just in time for Mother's Day 🎁

Hey folks,

Our plugin has been approved! If you are looking for something beyond flowers for Mother’s Day, check us out -

Here’s a quick demo:

Would love your feedback and feature suggestions. Happy to share our (very limited) experience, too if it helps the community here.

– Wei

(and yes @logankilpatrick you are on our Christmas list now :wink: )


Well done! Congratulations. Good luck with the launch!

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Congrats on getting approved! Since you’ve been successful I’ll assume you’re an expert on the process now :slight_smile: We just got invited to submit. And I’m now seeing posts from other users about submission deadlines. But OpenAI hasn’t sent me any comms to that effect. Is there a timeline for submission?


Looks like the rules have changed since our submission. We were in the first batch and were asked to submit by a certain date. Just checked the same submission form (there should be a link in your invite email) - submissions are accepted on a rolling basis now. If you have already submitted, just be patient :wink:

Congratulations, your plug-in looks great! I’m excited to try it.

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Thats fantastic, how long did the approval process take? Any insights would be helpful. Generally speaking how long does an approval take for approval? We have a plugin ready to submit but trying to understand the approx approval time and any gotchas.

Took about 3 weeks for us. Then again we were in the first batch (back when they were reviewing plugins in batches). Given how quickly things change, not sure if 3-week is still a good reference

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Thanks kindly for the reply @weioffbase
Nice plugin

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Congrats! The social website scraping is a bit creepy.

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Love the plugin and the website. Will definitely be using it.

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I’ll take that feedback! Our tagline from now on will be “Gift recommendations, so accurate, it’s creepy” :wink: