Please provide save option for the conversation with Chatgpt for later reference

Right now there is no save option available conversation we are having with Chatgpt. Save option should include the option to export the conversation which can be very helpful.

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Yes … that would be very cool.
I had a very impressive diskussion about if the bot has or at least can simulate emotions and cooking up Aliens or humans.

I am saving entire conversations in MHTML (Chrome or Firefox) if this could help. Save as PDF is not feasible: one page only.
My last conversation was saved in a +10MB MHTML format file, it is already closed (error when I try to input request), as I believe that it reaches all the rate limits available for my account.
I started a new conversation that I am saving as MHTML often. Unfortunately, “he” doesn’t remember a thing. I had to train “him” how to make ASCII math charts in code snippets and Pink Floyd lyrics all back again.

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yes, need save option, please provide it.
But not only export, need export or save in Open AI system.

Your conversations are already saved in OpenAI’s systems unless you choose to delete them. If you want to save them locally you can press the export button in the data settings:

You’ll get an email with a download link shortly afterwards.

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