Please Fix - ChatGPT 4o Keeps repeating the entire response

So I am developing my website and for some reason the response stops as expected since I am working with quite a complex and large JavaScript file and when I hit continue it will just repeat the entire response again and if you keep hitting continue it will just do the exact same. Not sure what is causing this tried on different conversations: still occurs, different browsers: still occurs, different devices: still occurs. This seems to only happen with the writing of code. It has drastically reduced my productivity and I need Open AI to fix this immediately.

Anyone else experiencing this? I haven’t found any one talking about this with GPT 4o. If anyone has a fix for this please let me know :slight_smile:

EDIT: Could this be related to the memory feature?

EDIT 2: No it is not related to the memory I am still experiencing issue with memory feature disabled

EDIT 3: After disabling memory and starting a new conversation it appears to have fixed. If OpenAI see this will you be able to look into this

This is also an error on ChatGPT 4.0 I am experiencing the exact same behaviour

" It has drastically reduced my productivity and I need Open AI to fix this immediately"

you forgot how to code yourself? or?

also really funny how you feel yourself entitled to ‘address this immediately because of this nobody demanding things’

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