Please create chatgpt app for android and ios

Hey, I would looovvvee absolutely loveee to install the chatgpt app. I google a lot
My google history for just a week is a lot more than someone’s 6 months google history but recently I have been using chatgpt a lot. It has helped me in so many ways and I find it much more helpful than google for many things as it provides straight answer.
It has helped me learn so much write my resume and what not.
Only if there was an app installed so I could just open it and ask whatever i want.
And I love the fact how it stores all the chat threads separately. Its sooooo much easy and engaging and I looveee ittt


I think this would be just a good PR safety net, given all of the other apps out there already pretending to be official.
Also, while there isn’t any offcial app yet, there are some chrome extensions that can help organize or customize the chatgpt page on the web.


I agree @jonathanrayreed A app even run on 3.5 would be awesome for PR purposes. As a PR and communications technology graduate who teaches working professionals and it would help some skeptical individuals and businesses looking to improve their productivity but are resistant. The App would help brand trust and built loyalty among prospective customers and current users. @openai2023


Exactly it has been so helpful for me. Using chatgpt I have realized that getting help from chatgpt is like getting a professional help from someone. It literally wrote a perfect cover letter for me using all the right words and sentences , I feel it understands when I ask it anything and helps me so much. It helped me build my resume. It gives you To The Point Answers for anything u ask it. Chatgpt is a person. A very nice person who always has the right answer for everything lol. Doesnt beat around the bush. With google there are so many links u have to visit and then find the right information. Provided there is so much spam and scam happening on the top links and contacts that show up on google. Anyways, I really look forward to a chatgpt App.

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