Places API and OpenAI Assistant

Hi, I built a knowledge OpenAI Assistant that answers to questions regarding the documentation provided with the tool Retrieval.

I build it on Replit and I would like to continue to host the code there

Since the goal is to build a travel assistant for guests of Airbnbs or similar, I want to add a function that when the user asks a question like “what are the nearby restaurants?”, the Assistant responds showing few nearby restaurants close the property and their related data like phone numbers and google maps link. So I have to integrate the Places API to the Assistant to get the data

Did anyone create something similar or know how to make this integration?

This is the documentation of the Places API:

EDIT: can’t post link, but you can easily find

Thank you in advance

You knew it already without even knowing!

You can accomplish this with Function Calling.

thank you for the answer!

so studying the Function Calling documentation and the Places API one, and “mixing” the info contained, I should build that function

I’m asking that for a friend, called ChatGPT, because I’ll try to let it building the function :smiley: