Pine AI: ChatGPT Powered Excel Add In

Greetings All,

Back in April we launched our ChatGPT powered Excel add-in Pine AI.

As it’s core features, Pine AI allows users to generate, fix and describe formulas and VBA code.

What differentiates it from similar products, is the ability to analyze data straight from the workbook, which can be used in a wide variate of use cases, like:

  • Analyzing balance sheets and survey results
  • Extracting strings from a range of cells
  • Generating analysis e-mails and more

Another feature is that users can also run the generated VBA code straight from the UI, although proofreading is advised. This can be very useful in automating simpler tasks, like for example generating 15 new sheets, named after the highest performing salespeople from a dataset.

All of this can be used to save a great deal of time both for beginner and advanced Excel users.
You can check the details on our website

Happy to hear your feedback and suggestions!