Patient right to privacy for medical records

Abuse of patient right to privacy related to medical records. How many of you have similar experience

I am not sure the context of your question.

But OpenAI is not HIPAA compliant; they cannot given you a Business Associate Agreement.

Therefore you cannot submit Protected Health Information to any software using OpenAI technology.

If you want to use OpenAI to experiment with medical applications, you need to first remove the patient name and any other identifying information before you submit it to OpenAI.

I recognize that OpenAI is not HIPAA compliant. However, are there instances where patients recognize that they are treading a fine line between expecting patient confidentiality and having their information provided to other providers

I am not sure your point.

There is no problem sharing PHI with other medical providers; in fact HIPAA specifically permits and encourages that.

But OpenAI is not a medical provider.

If you want to use OpenAI for some reason in a particular case - perhaps to explore and expand the differential diagnosis in a challenging case for example but not replace a licensed provider’s oversight and responsibility - then you need to remove patient name and all other PHI before submitting the case history to OpenAI.

Hi @hazel

You should not be using a generative AI which has no privacy guarantees (or features) in the OpenAI terms of service for any confidential medical records.