PageGenie | Instantly generate your entire landing page from a product idea

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well!

I’d like to introduce PageGenie, my first every SAAS product built over the course of the last few weekends. In PageGenie, you provide a product idea you wish to sell (such as Chocolate Covered Strawberries) and through GPT and DALL-E it generates an entire landing page in seconds.

You can try out the instant landing page builder at PageGenie is still in early stages, but is already pretty powerful in the sense that it supports multiple templates and is able to generate several complex widgets such as a Frequently Asked Questions section and a Company Timeline. It also contains an in-built no code editor to further edit your generated pages. I see this tool as being perfect for dropshippers and product inventors who just want to quickly get their idea to market.

I’d love to get your guys input to see whether this tool is actually something which you’d like to use on a regular basis one day, as well as any suggestions you guys might have.

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Hi, Gabriel, Nice tool. How can we generate the bulk of variations of multiple product ideas?
Meanwhile, can we lock one part of the page and generate the variation of the subpage?
Great work. Keep going!